We have been operating on the Czech and European markets since 1991 as a reliable supplier of the best warehousing, customs and transport services. Despite the strong background of a Japanese company, we maintain our uniqueness and identity of a Czech company with an individual approach to each customer.


We provide our clients with services and solutions based on a complex logistics chain.

We provide the transportation of goods and handle all customs formalities, and we also offer the storage of goods in our logistics centers, which are also customs and tax warehouses; we also provide the subsequent distribution of goods to the end user.

PST CLC is a member of Mitsui-Soko Group

Since 1991, we have been a major provider of comprehensive logistics services, and since 2012 we have been operating on the market as a member of the global holding company Mitsui-Soko Group.

Mitsui is a major Japanese conglomerate of companies with a wide scope of activity in global markets. It brings together more than 700 companies in the chemical, engineering, energy, construction, food, logistics and financial services sectors. The logistics part of the company is Mitsui-Soko Group, which also includes PST CLC, a.s.

Mitsui-Soko Group currently holds 89 companies in 21 countries on four continents. It employs almost 9,000 workers, and it provides all types of transport around the world through road, air and sea transport networks.
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The company’s strategy

We intend to provide high-quality services for our clients and approach each of them individually based on their specific requirements. We want to be a strong and important partner of Mitsui-Soko Group, a prosperous and stable company for both our business partners and our employees.

4 basic pillars of our strategy

  • The financial strength of Mitsui-Soko gives us a sense of stability and security, but it also binds us to the high quality of our services and processes.
  • Human resources as the second pillar are a guarantee of the quality of the services we provide. We rely on the high expertise of our employees, on their continuous education and, last but not least, on the development of talent.
  • Our strategic activities, their comprehensiveness, and the fact that we’re a real expert in customs services is our third pillar.
  • Key values – partnership, reliability and flexibility are the fourth pillar. The relationship with our business partners as well as all our employees is very important to us.


PST CLC holds ISO, AEO, EcoVadis and other high level certificates.

We view these certificates as a commitment, which is why we are constantly expanding, improving and efficiently connecting our portfolio of services to custom innovative solutions.