We have prepared safe solutions for all possible BREXIT variants for our existing and potential partners with business connections to Great Britain. 

Customs services during and after BREXIT

The situation with the United Kingdom and its eventual withdrawal from the European Union is still unclear. Tensions and insecurity in established trade relations are creating new demands and requirements for customs clearance on the border between the European Union and the United Kingdom. We are watching the situation and we already have a ready offer of customs services for a possible hard BREXIT scenario (without a transition period), as well as a soft BREXIT (a transitional period until the end of 2020 or 2021).

Our services will take into account the latest developments so that they always reflect the real market situation.

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Examples of what we’re prepared for:

  • Determining the origin of goods
  • The issue of returnable packaging
  • Tax issues in relation to delivery terms
  • Settlement of customs debt
  • license
  • Quick just-in-time expedition
  • Determining the optimal customs regime


Tailored Brexit customs services

You will gain an ultimate sense of security when you place all the responsibility for handling customs clearance on us. We are ready to take part in and take full responsibility for even the most complex customs cases that may arise with BREXIT.


Individual Brexit counseling center

This counseling center is intended for companies that are not fully confident that they can safely and reliably use information sent through a free information service for quick and easy customs clearance of their shipments. A consultation at the BREXIT counseling center must be booked in advance using our contact telephone number; the service is charged at a rate of 600 CZK/hour, and every started quarter-hour is counted.