Thanks to many years of experience and our team of professional and flexible agents, we will always find and provide optimal transportation, wherever your goods are. We emphasize the individual requirements of each client and make sure our deliveries are reliable and first-rate.

Complex forwarding services

Thanks to the strong global background of parent company Mitsui-Soko Group, we provide our clients with all kinds of transport around the world, as well as subsequent logistics services, such as customs services and warehousing.
We also provide transport services within Europe through our subsidiary PST Hungary in Hungary and partner companies in Slovakia.

certifikát ISŘ

We also have Integrated Control System certification guaranteeing the consistency of the high quality of our services.



We offer the following types of transport



PST CLC v Evropě


Land forwarding

We efficiently make the most of free freight transport capacities in full truck load land and pallet transport throughout Europe, we offer the possibility of clearing goods in our customs workplace network, we can insure shipments beyond the carrier’s liability, and in our relatively new service we offer “First/Last Deliveries” of sea containers.

We offer first and last mile transportationas part of our container road transportation service.


Sea forwarding

Our sea forwarding uses the international network of our affiliates for both exports and imports. We transport goods as full container load (FCL) or less than container load (LCL) consignments. We operate our own collection line from Asia, we carry oversized shipments, we provide additional insurance of goods beyond the responsibility of the shipowner, and we also offer customs clearance in this field.

námořní přepravy


Air forwarding

We also use our international network of branches in the field of air forwarding and our specialization includes both consigned air shipments and express (priority) shipments. We also ship valuable and military material, carry out door-to-door shipments and customs clearance, and variable shipment processing in logistics centers.

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As part of distribution in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we offer service associated with the distribution of goods from our logistics centers as well as client warehouses.


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