We provide storage in our 6 logistics centers that are strategically located throughout the Czech Republic. We can create optimal logistics solutions and processes to maximize the effectiveness of each project.

Complex warehousing logistics

We offer our clients comprehensive logistics services with professional service, which is provided by our team of qualified experts. Our storage services are provided on an area of over 80 000 m2, and we have available warehouses in Ostrava, Brno and Úžice. These three logistics centers are currently also approved customs warehouses cooperating with all PST CLC customs declarations.

Comprehensive logistics solutions include storage as well as customs clearance and forwarding.

certifikát ISŘ

We also have Integrated Control System certification guaranteeing the consistency of the high quality of our services.





Goods storage

More than 80 000 m2 of warehouse space is available in all our logistics centers, and it is fully available along with our following services:

  • Customs and tax warehouses with a modern WMS & TMS solution
  • Automated warehouse solution (KARDEX)
  • Logistics for e-shops
  • Management and administration of pallets
  • Optimization of warehouse processes


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We offer the following in all our logistics centers:

  • All standard inventory removal modes (FEFO, kanban, batch, etc.)
  • Logistics for e-shops
  • Diagnosis and inspection of returned goods
  • Value Added Services (VAS) – Packaging, repackaging, labeling, stamping, processing of special attachments and multipacks, etc.
  • Cross-docking


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Our comprehensive services also include the distribution of your goods to the end customer, and not only from the warehouses operated by us. We can provide the following:

  • Quality control and order management
  • Online processing and tracking of shipments via TMS
  • Pallet distribution
  • Daily transportation Bohemia – Moravia – Slovakia
  • D+1 delivery
  • Delivery according to time windows
  • Cash on delivery
  • Pallet management
  • Inspection and processing of returns



Logistics outsourcing

We offer complete takeover and execution of specialized logistics projects for clients who do not want to be burdened by the storage and distribution of their goods. We can operate both on client premises and in external logistics centers. For our clients this means not having to use their employees, greater time flexibility and optimization of internal storage procedures.

Our know-how acquired over the years, specialized logistics processes and the professional approach of our qualified experts will help free your hands so you can fully concentrate on your business, as well as optimize your costs.

We also perform logistics audits that can verify your existing processes, and possibly provide a proposal for their optimization.


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