We have been on the market since 1991, and we provide customs services at 16 branches throughout the Czech Republic. Thanks to our team of more than 70 qualified customs declarants, we provide a fast and secure process in even the most challenging customs cases. Check out the list of our branches.

Customs services from A to Z

We offer our clients professional service, customs advice, including the proposal of appropriate customs procedures, the use of simplified customs procedures, centralized customs operations, the release of goods without the need of presenting the goods to a customs office, a system of customs guarantees for all regimes, the processing and submission of Intrastat reports, and last but not least, we monitor and respond to changes and valid legislation in the field of national customs legislation and EU customs legislation.


We are holders of an AEO-F certificate, which allows us to offer all advantages in customs procedures related to the import or export of goods.


A new feature is the free use of our Custom Portal, which enables our clients to track the details of all operations, including electronic archiving of documents in each individual case. You can find the free Customs Portal for our clients here.



Advantages with PST CLC customs procedures

You will get a strong and competent partner for all customs processes.
Eliminace rizik
You will eliminate risks

associated with customs procedures

Předání zodpovědnosti
You will hand over responsibility

for customs cases to us

You will gain the certainty

of procedures in compliance with valid legislation

Optimalizace nákladů
You will optimize costs

associated with customs duties

Celní záruka
You can use our customs guarantee

instead of your cash

Tříletá záruka
We provide a three-year warranty

on issued customs declarations

Unikátní aplikace
The option of using the unique application

Customs Portal for online information about customs procedures and subsequent archiving of all




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