A strong team of qualified customs declarants at each of our 16 branches throughout the Czech Republic will ensure a smooth customs procedure during the export and import of your goods, always in compliance with valid legislation.

Outsourcing of customs services

Outsourcing of customs services is popular among companies that have realized during our cooperation in the field of customs services that it is better for them to let an expert representative deal with their customs clearance requirements. This allows them to fully concentrate on their business, while:

  • Delegating responsibility for the correctness of the customs clearance to the company providing the outsourcing of customs services, namely PST CLC.
  • We will let the company use our system for processing and long-term archiving  of customs cases, which meets all legislative requirements for customs and tax inspections, free of charge.
  • The company doesn’t have to worry about the continuity of customs clearance, because we take over the employees of the company providing the customs services and give them our know-how, including continuous training.
  • They don’t need to follow the development of customs legislation and regulations.
  • In many cases, the cost of customs clearance will be reduced, and its speed, flexibility and efficiency will increase.
  • The possible interconnection of information systems will contribute to the automated exchange of data necessary for the customs clearance, which will significantly reduce the administrative burden of all activities.

This is not a universal service, we always adapt it to the specific requirements and needs of each customer.


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