We are expanding our warehouse space in Brno and opening a new warehouse with a capacity of 8 000 pallet places near the international airport. The advantage of this location is its connection to the Austria – CZ – SK motorway network and its close proximity to the Austrian and Slovak borders. New warehouse in operation from September 2019.

We’re moving into a new warehouse – Brno Tuřany

From September 2019, the new premises will also be used as a customs and tax warehouse using sophisticated technology and our long-term experience with storage and handling of goods.

Like our other warehouses, this warehouse will have a WMS & TMS software solution. Your goods will be under constant 24-hour surveillance by a modern CCTV system, and it will store information for another 30 days. A network of sprinklers distributed throughout the warehouse will also provide additional safety.

Our new warehouse will also be our distribution center, and we can help you with the distribution of packages and pallets.


Standard, customs and temporary warehouse

Space5 500 m2
Number of pallets7 800
Category of warehouseA
The clear height of the hall10 m
Floor load5t/m2
Acces9x hydraulic ramps/bridge + 1x direct entry into the warehouse
Handling equipmentRetrak, forklift, low lift pallet truck
Warehouse equipmentEZS, EPS + sprinklers, PCO, CCTV
Stock technologyWMS, barcodes, RF terminals, rack and shelf system
Storage modesStandard warehouse, customs warehouse, temporary warehouse
AddressPanattoni Park Brno Airport, Letiště Brno Tuřany (map)


sklad Brno Tuřany - plánek


Our services

The new 5 500 m2 warehouse will also offer value-added services:

  • Storage in a standard, customs and temporary warehouse
  • Quality contor
  • Labeling, repackaging
  • Co-packing and promo pckaging (2+1 free, etc.)
  • Distribution to final customer
  • Other value-added services


sklad Brno Tuřany - pohled



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